Thursday, August 29, 2013

Season 2, episode 9: The Stranded

“Maybe the dingo ate your baby.” – Elaine

Vic Mackey wouldn't be caught dead in that sweater.

Elaine and Jerry are asked by George to accompany him to a party on Long Island for his work (he’s still in real estate – and actually, before I go on I should mention that this episode didn’t air until the 3rd season when George was no longer in real estate. This episode was preceded by a message from Jerry explaining this continuity error). While George pursues a woman he works with, Jerry and Elaine wade through the rough waters of terrible conversation with people they’ve never met or will ever see again.

Asked by a party-goer where he gets his material, Jerry tells him he hears a voice in his head, but it’s a German voice, so he has to have it translated. Elaine suffers through a conversation she’s not actively participating in about George Washington Carver. Later she’s sitting next to a woman obnoxiously pronouncing ‘fian’. George, unseen to the camera, makes progress with his co-worker and tells Jerry he’s going to drive her home. So Jerry and Elaine are now stranded at this party. Jerry calls Kramer to come pick them up but he doesn’t arrive until after 2am. Jerry apologizes to the host, a pre-Vic Mackay Michael Chiklis, and offers his services if he’s ever in the city.

The following week Seinfeld is just about to leave his apartment to pick up medication (which he needs because he’s had a cold all week; a result of driving back from the party in Kramer’s convertible with the top down at 2am on the freeway) when Chiklis shows up. He’s waiting for a ride and just wants to hang out in the meanwhile. Jerry is leaving but feels guilty so lets him stay at the apartment. While out with George at the pharmacy, George decides to steal the medication which costs just under $10 (an amount George feels he is owed by the pharmacy after receiving incorrect change at the beginning of the episode) but he’s arrested by the security guard. At the apartment, Kramer runs into Chiklis and they proceed to – get drunk, tell stories, call an escort service, hire a prostitute (Kramer has left by now) and get into a fight over money with previously mentioned prostitute – all before Jerry returns from the pharmacy. Chiklis’ ride shows up and he leaves without paying the woman what she is owed. Right as Jerry pulls out his wallet to cover the difference the cops show up.

Later, after they are both released from jail, George and Jerry compare notes on their brief prison experience.

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