Monday, August 12, 2013

Season 2, episode 4: The Baby Shower

“What you’re suggesting is illegal.”
“It’s not illegal.”
“It’s against the law.”
“Well, yeah!”

- Jerry and Kramer

The Baby shower opens in Monk’s. Jerry, George and Elaine are having lunch and Elaine is planning a baby shower for a friend who happens to be a former girlfriend of George’s whom he currently holds a grudge against for ruining his new red shirt (she spilled chocolate sauce on it during a performance art piece she was performing).

Jerry allows Elaine use of his apartment for the shower while he is out of town for a stand up show in Buffalo. He also allows Kramer to install illegal cable at the same time, though Kramer really has to work to convince him (56 channels, Jerry!). George, meanwhile, plots his revenge against the woman who ruined his shirt.

On the flight to Buffalo Jerry dreams that his illegal cable hook up results in the FBI raiding his home and putting about 4 dozen rounds in his chest Tarantino style. He wakes up on the plane sitting next to Earl Milford (you can always tell a Milford man!)

But a storm cancels Jerry’s show so George picks him up at the airport back in New York and offers to take him back to the apartment. Jerry would rather go to George’s apartment to avoid the baby shower. George insists they go back to Jerry’s apartment. Jerry notices that George is wearing his ruined red shirt and figures out that George has a plan to get back at the woman. They get back to the apartment but George chickens out when it comes time to confront her. But another woman at the shower confronts Jerry about not calling her back for a second date after telling her he would. As she storms out she brushes up against George’s nemesis which causes her to spill the cake she’d been holding on George’s shirt, thus ruining it for a second time.

Finally, Jerry confronts the Russian cable guys and tells them he doesn’t want the cable and won’t pay them $400. They respond by breaking his television. The characters sit around the broken TV reflecting on their lot in life.

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