Monday, August 5, 2013

Season 1, episode 4: The Stock Tip

Superman! Finally- At least in the dialogue. The episode begins with a conversation between George and Jerry over whether Superman has a sense of humor. And in the Kramer’s crazy idea department, he tells Jerry about a roll-out tie dispenser he wants to invent. Aside from those points this was the weakest of the first season episodes.

There’s a story about a stock tip that George gets. And Jerry goes to Vermont for the weekend with the woman he met in The Stakeout. Neither turns out well for Jerry as he sells his part of the stock after losing most of his investment and the trip ends disappointingly as well. But we do get to see a little more from George as he goes from panicky to smug when the stock falls and then rises again. Elaine, meanwhile, has a boyfriend with cats that she is allergic to and even that is barely worth mentioning.

Thank God I’m done with season 1. I know there’s some good stuff ahead in season 2 but this episode was just boring. I don’t plan on making a bottom 10 list but this would probably be on it.

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