Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lessons in History, part 1 of who knows?

I really need to heed my own advice sometimes or learn from previous experience. A few months ago I took a redeye flight to St. Louis. It was not amongst my favorite plane trips and when it was over I’d vowed not to take another redeye. Now, if I’d been reading my own blog I known not to book myself on an overnight flight to Charlotte, and truthfully, I hesitated before I did, but ultimately the cost/benefit analysis (the cost in this case being a night of sleep and the benefit being 1 less night in a crowded hotel with 4 other geeks) weighed in favor of the benefit side. Huge mistake! Appearently I didn’t learn the lesson of April 2008. So my flight to Charlotte was very much like my flight to St. Louis; long, over-booked, and mostly sleepless. Add to that a medical emergency on the plane and some missing luggage and what you get one epic fail of a plane trip. As of 10am I’m working on 3 hours of bad sleep, without access to a Starbucks and unclean and unshaven. Just a few minutes ago my luggage finally arrived, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. More later when I’m well rested and less cranky…

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