Monday, June 23, 2008

HeroesCon in (a few) pictures

For the second year in a row I trekked across the country to Charlotte for HeroesCon, a mid-major in the world of comic conventions. It's a fun event that draws a few names with maybe a surprise announcement and the ocassional costumed attendee but it's mostly about meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a while. And as with any convention, I spent more than I wanted to, though the money was well spent. I found a few books I'm really looking forward to reading and picked up a few things for some people back home. I didn't take any pics during the con but I managed to remember to snap a few shots when we had the group together during our meal breaks.

L to R: Georgie - whose name may or may not actually be Gregory, Nick - who is certainly British, Kyle - whose beard is most definetly sentient.

L to R: Josh - who is absolutely the product of an incestuous relationship, Raph - who could possibly have terrorist connections, Jabsen - who was too short to be photographed.

Another meal with another crew. This time with Jermaine (second from the right) and everyone from his shop. A fine bunch of people. I spent most of Sunday trying to convince Jermaine to come out west. I don't think he's been west of the Mississippi his entire life. And I've come out to NC every year for the last three years. I think we almost convinced him to come to San Diego next year. We'll see.

Julie, Me and Jermaine. I've already mentioned Jermaine. Julie I hadn't seen in two years and I didn't even know she was going to be in Charlotte. It was a nice surprise to see her. In two weeks she's getting her PhD in Psychology. Congrats Julz.

Drinking milk with Kyle and stud artist Greg Horn. Check out Greg's site to see his awesome work. Kyle lent Greg a hand during the weekend and we helped him pack up after the con after which we went out to dinner. We cleaned out Uno's milk supply for the weekend. Greg was ecstatic to find his milk-drinking brethren.

That's it from Charlotte. For the next 4 days it's baseball before I hit the second convention in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

OMG you're not wearing black!!!!

Carl Giannini said...

Ha! I switched it up a bit and went with grey. ;)