Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meshugga Beach Party

Are you into surf rock like Dick Dale and the Ventures? Do you enjoy traditional Jewish folk music? If you answered either question in the affirmative then do yourself a favor and check out Meshugga Beach Party. Tracy and I saw these guys performing in Golden Gate Park along the Bay to Breakers route and their rabbi attire immediately caught my attention. I made a b-line for the other side of the road to confirm what my eyes and ears were attempting to communicate to my brain. Sure enough my brain confirmed that I was looking at four rabbis playing surf rock. The sight put a huge smile on my face. these guys clearly have something here. We spotted a table of merchindise and before I arrived at it I knew that I'd be departing with a lighter wallet. Between the two of us we swiped up every CD they had and everything they play is fabulous. You haven't heard "Let My People Go" until you've heard it in the original surf rock style. I don't often plug a music group but Meshugga Beach Party deserves your attention.

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